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Generico de eritromicina ) by a process of autotransformation eritromicina nombre generico and the corresponding changes in chemical composition (2) as explained in detail the "Autotransformation of L. sericata ( Sericiella ) on a carbon source (Folin) and its effect on bacterial growth." When a variety of lactic acid bacteria were inoculated into petri dishes with the control medium, we expected some of the inoculated cultures to thrive because they are adapted over their entire life span to use the carbon source. On other hand, a very small number of cultures could not be grown because they were not suitably adapted to survive in the new atmosphere. order to determine if a certain strain could adapt to the new environment better, we used a procedure of transformation on carbon source (Folin), as shown in Figure 2. Although the majority of cultures that survived to the end of study remained viable in the presence of new medium at ambient temperature and pH, some of them did not. To study whether some of the failed cultures were caused by non-specific effects, we used the test on a single strain (F-1117L-1) using the same test method according to the manufacturer's instructions. Results showed for the test on F-1117L-1 that a significant number of the colonies, that had not done well in the test on control medium, were able to grow on the fresh carbon source at ambient temperatures (15°C) and pH (6). A similar test to those described above was conducted on another L. sericata strain, F-12, in order to show the possibility of different modes growth on carbon sources in the atmosphere. Because test method (described in another earlier work) was not suitable for testing a large number of strains because the growth speed was very slow and the bacteria were not able to reach a cell concentration of 50, as was the case in original experiment with the other L. sericata strain, we evaluated them using a Eritromicina 20 Pills $209 - $190 Per pill different test method ( Figure 3 ). From this test method, we obtained data based on the percentage of surviving bacteria that were able to grow on fresh medium (18), which is a very accurate measure of the ability any bacterium to grow under the new conditions. In other words, we estimated that for the two strains were tested, there existed the ability to grow on carbon source even at ambient temperature and pH that some of the cultures were able to overcome these two conditions. This is a first study reporting these kind of results with L. sericata. Other studies are required to test the possibility of different carbon sources to adapt the L. sericata different environments as well to show how other bacteria could cope with them. Even in nature there are many strains that thrive in a limited climate and some of them are able to live and reproduce more or less without help from their environment ( e.g., under acidic conditions in the sea ). ability to adapt on a carbon source can depend on many factors, among them, the ability to overcome problem of heat stress. Therefore, additional studies for of the ability L. sericata to adapt different carbon sources are required. Finally, because carbon sources, and sources alone cannot provide for the whole ecosystem, all organisms, including bacteria, which can survive in the presence of a high oxygen concentration and low pH, require their necessary carbon source. This needs to be confirmed by the use of different methods ( e.g., carbon sources), preferably on a large scale. (AP) ALBANY, N.Y.

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